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Green World Foundation – Driving Sustainable Development through Agriculture and Environmental Initiatives.

The Green World Foundation is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that was established in 2018 by two young professionals, Seema Saini and Indraraj Jat. Committed to promoting sustainable practices in agriculture and environmental conservation, this organization has been making significant strides in creating a greener and healthier world. With a diverse range of initiatives encompassing agrotourism, the IFS system, organic farming, FPOs, CSR, farmers’ training programs, skill development, student internships (both domestic and international), plantations, landscaping, and more, the Green World Foundation has become a catalyst for positive change.



Rooftop Vegetable Gardening.

Promotion of Organic Farming.

Develop market linkage for Organic and Inorganic produce.

Farmers Training for recognize good farmers.

Kishan Call Centre.

Save birds and animal and provide medical help for them.

Animal Husbandry.

Farmer Producer organization mentorship and development FPO formation


Blood Donation camp.

Organ Donation camp.

Cleaning programs and awareness for “Swachh Bharat”.

Distribution of any useful material like Cloths, Food, Books, etc.

Medical camp.

Yoga camp.

Awareness about Traffic Rules


Plantation and awareness program about plantation in schools, college and roadside.

Awareness for save Fuel.

Awareness for save Water.

Awareness about Pollution.


Woman Empowerment.

Financial and any other support for human being.

Organize motivational program for Health, Students and Employees.

Library for Students.

Provide overall scholarship and financial support of Students.




Enrolled in this organisation


Agriculture forms get benifits


We protect farmers


They currently operate a successful venture in Khora Shyamdas village, Rajasthan, where they rent approximately one and a half hectares of land. Their business focuses on Integrated Agriculture System and Agro tourism model, which has proven to be highly profitable. They have adopted sustainable farming practices and engage in activities such as poultry, goat rearing, cow rearing, and camel rearing. Remarkably, they are self-sufficient in their operations and produce everything they need on their farm, including animal feed and farm manure. Moreover, the farm’s products are sold to the visiting guests. Indraraj and Seema actively share their knowledge and expertise with others, guiding them in various agricultural businesses. Their combined efforts have not only allowed them to pursue their passion for agriculture but have also brought them considerable financial success.

Through their advocacy programs, Green World Foundation has successfully influenced policy changes at the government level, resulting in the implementation of environmental protection laws and regulations. This has led to improved environmental governance, reduced pollution, and increased protection of natural resources.
Overall, the impact of Green World Foundation is far-reaching, and their efforts towards creating a green world have made a significant difference in the lives of people and the environment.

The impact of Green World Foundation is visible in the communities they have worked with. In areas where the organization has planted trees, there has been a significant improvement in air quality, soil erosion has been minimized, and the environment has become more conducive for human habitation.


Green World Foundation has been recognized for its exceptional work in Progressive farmer for his significant contribution in agriculture innovation and linking farmers to market and environmental conservation . The organization has received numerous awards and accolades for its contributions towards creating a green world, including recognition from the Forum of Agriculturist and Rural Megamind Enablers of Rajasthan. In addition, Green World Foundation has been acknowledged by local communities and governments for its efforts in planting trees, promoting sustainable practices, and advocating for environmental protection. These recognitions serve as a testament to the organization’s commitment and dedication to creating a sustainable future for our planet. Green World Foundation is honored to receive these recognitions and remains committed to making a positive impact on the environment and society.

Become a volunteer

Volunteering with Green World Foundation is an excellent opportunity for individuals to make a meaningful impact on the environment and their communities. As a volunteer, you will work alongside dedicated professionals who are passionate about creating a green world. You will have the chance to contribute your skills and expertise towards planting trees, educating communities on sustainable practices, and advocating for environmental protection. Volunteering with Green World Foundation also offers a chance to learn new skills, gain practical experience in environmental conservation. By volunteering with Green World Foundation, you will be part of a global movement that is committed to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable living.

About Us

The Green World Foundation Jaipur was established during April 2018 by two young professionals, Seema Saini & IndraRaj jat. who were convinced that even the Agriculture condition in which used excess chemical which is decreasing the human heath continuously of India can be solved by promoting the organic farming. They believed that well-educated professionals working within communities can bring both the empathy and knowledge needed to help poor farmers improve their lives.

Seema and IndraRaj also believed that grassroots work in the spirit of Green World Foundation, or giving back to society, can be a fulfilling and viable vocation for educated men and women. They created Professional Assistance for Development Action (Green World Foundation), to systematically groom and enable professionals with empathy towards the poor to work at the grassroots level.

In 2018 Green World Foundation began working with the Farmers and over the years we have played a major role in developing such programs as Plantation, Organic Farming, and the Market Linkage. We continue to work for change that is sustainable and self-perpetuating, bringing skills and systems that help women, families and communities gain confidence and take charge of their own lives.


Our Mission& Vision

Better Agro farming Educate and motivate people to take up Organic farming as a carrier. Develop Vegetable, Fruit and Ornamental nursery for best quality seedlings of the farmers.
For healthy food of the urban peoples encouraging them to have Roof Top vegetable organic Garden.
Developing market linkage for organic and safe food produce farmers and doubling the farmers income.
Empowering woman by giving basic education for poor and deprived girl child and unemployed youth at the same time make them socially responsible.
As a social responsibility Green World Foundation takes the initiative of Blood Donation, Organ Donation and Health awareness campaigns in both rural and urban sector.
Planting trees in Schools, collage, Panchayat and Forest area to educate and motivate the younger generation on the importance of Green and Healthy environment.
Appointing volunteers to plant trees in government land and also beside the roadways.



Green World Foundation took the initiative to empower organic Farmers in a methodical manner. I Wish Green World Foundation team a very progressive journey creating a win win With people associated with Organic Farming”.

Dr. Gograj Singh Jat ARS (ICAR, New Delhi)

“Plants give us so much and in return we need to care for and protect them, so grow plants, and save environment. Green World Foundation is doing well in this regard”.



Jitendra Singh Shekhawat Range officer in Forest Department, Tonk, (Raj).