Sanware Bachpan

Early Childhood is an effort to make the future of girls and take them to a greater level.

Savarna Bachpan is a campaign run by Kamalabai Charitable Trust. It seeks to send all those girls in a new direction along with wishing for a better future and ideas to improve their future. This campaign is mainly designed to bring forward girls and put more emphasis on their education.

In our childhood, many families and girls have joined us till now. Along with this, many charities are also associated with us who are also donating money to increase the level of education of these girls and to provide good education. In order to remove and destroy the evils prevalent in our society, it is necessary for women to be educated.

Thinking about this, we have carried out this campaign. To which we have added many families. In view of the increasing interest of people in this campaign, we have decided to continue this campaign smoothly. Due to which the level of education of girls in Rajasthan is continuously increasing and she is able to choose a good living for herself.

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