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Sant Kamala Bai is known in society and country as a compassionate saint. Their main goal is to serve the poor and helpless people and to store the items needed for them. Even today, with this goal, continuously campaigning for these people is trying them on a social level. This is the reason that along with the establishment of Kamalabai Charitable Trust today, it is also connecting with more charities.

Saint Mother Kamalabai said that you donate something for others, you will feel happiness as well as you make and open many paths for yourself for your success and prosperity. Because they believe that God helps those who help others.

They say that a man is saddened by not seeing the pleasure of living near him in his enjoyment of luxury. If you do other helpless and poor people, then you will have peace of mind as well as ultimate happiness.



“Nivala” is the name of an attempt to feed hungry and helpless people every day. This effort has become a big mission today. In which many people are joining

Sanvare Bachpan: ( Early Childhood )

Savarna Bachpan: A campaign that seeks to promote the education of daughters and make them an example in front of society. Today we are continuously taking this mission forward. In which many donors have also been joining and helping us with the mission.

Old Age Home

Old Age Home: It is an effort made by us to improve the lives of our children and elderly people who have been rejected from the society. In this endeavor, we are constantly making efforts that these people can get their home as soon as possible and they too should have a new identity in the society.


If God has given more than them, it is only because he is unwell that he will share it with others

– Devendra Sharma (CEO)

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